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Hair Treatments & Extensions

At Cosmetology Training Liverpool, we offer our students a plethora of courses that focus on hair treatments and extensions. When you choose to study at Cosmetology Training Liverpool, you will receive expert coaching from our in house professionals. We have outlined our hair treatment training services below.

Who will train me?

When you enrol in hair treatment or hair extension courses at Cosmetology Training Liverpool, you will be trained by our in house expert, Rosalind. Ros has over 18 years of experience in hair replenishment treatments and has gained prestigious qualifications from Liverpool City College, Wella and Great Lengths. Ros has specialised in fitting, colouring and maintaining hair extensions and is also exceptionally skilled in new and exciting non-surgical hair loss solutions.

Hair Courses Liverpool

Keratin Blow Dry Training Course

Designed to repair, replenish and strengthen the customer’s hair while eliminating frizz and leaving their hair shiny and healthy. This fantastically modern procedure can be applied to all variety of hair types, thicknesses and length. Bleached, relaxed and treated hair can also benefit from a Keratin Blow Dry treatment. Our course will include the following:

  • Advanced training on procedure and techniques on both mannequins and live models.
  • Client Consultation, preparation and support
  • Application and advanced techniques.
  • Practice your skills on both mannequins and a live model.
  • Fully ABT Certified and Insurance Approved.

In addition to this, students of our Keratin Blow Dry treatment course will receive marketing tips, advice and trade supplier details. Keratin Blow Dry Kits will be available to purchase at trade prices for our students.

Our Keratin Blow Dry training is available for £169 for a full day of training.

Hair Extensions Courses

Hair Treatments

The Complete Pre-bonded Course

Students will learn to blend their client’s hair with pre-bonded extensions seamlessly. Our techniques of bonding and bespoke blends of chemical-free colouring allows smooth and seamless integration and natural movement.

  • Create length, body and volume
  • Learn bespoke chemical-free colouring techniques and product placement.
  • Create undetectable, durable and comfortable extensions for your clients
Hair Courses Training Liverpool
The Complete Micro Ring Course

This popular and modern method of hair extensions is seen as a gentler alternative to traditional. Our team adopt the very latest Nano Ring and Nano Bond techniques. This method of hair extension does not require braids, glue or heat and are much quicker to apply than traditional methods.

  • Rosalind offers specialist training regarding the application of Nano Ring extensions
  • Learn how to create body, length, volume and bespoke, chemical-free colour.
  • Can be adapted to suit a variety of hair types.
Cosmetology Training Liverpool
Ultimate Weft and Weave Course

In our Ultimate Weft and Weave Course, our students will learn to seamlessly bond their client’s hair with the highest quality bonded and tape extensions. Rosalind can train students to create personalised colours and natural movement and integration with their client’s hair and pre-bonded extensions.

  • Understand the complexities of weave and weft systems
  • Learn the vast range of weft extension application methods

We recommend that our Hair Treatment and Hair Extension Courses for hairdressers that carry a Level 2 Hairdressers qualification. Students wishing to study at Cosmetology Training Liverpool can attend a singular or combination of courses. Single, one-day course prices begin at £129. A combination of all three hair extension courses is offered at a discounted rate for £299. We recommend that you allow two days for a combined course.

All students of Cosmetology Training Liverpool can purchase discounted extensions and kits at trade prices through our trusted suppliers. All courses that are offered to our students are ABT approved and accredited, ensuring easy insurance and trustworthy training.

Hair Extensions Technique 1 Course

  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Hours: 10-4
  • Cost: £129
  • Places: 3
Hair Extensions 1 Technique
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Hair Extensions Technique 3 Course

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Hours: 10-4
  • Cost: £279 (-25%)
  • Places: 3
Hair Extensions 3 Technique
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